Wednesday, 25 December 2013

#403 ~ 27 (Twenty Seven): Six Friends, One Year

27 (Twenty-Seven): Six Friends, One Year27 (Twenty-Seven): Six Friends, One Year by R.J. Heald

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was very kindly sent a copy of this via the GoodReads First Read Scheme, in return for an honest review.

It seems strange to say this about a book, but I found it well written mediocrity .... by that I mean that the whole work was well written, and to some extent enjoyable, but the subject matter was about the mediocrity of lives.

I understand the author wanted to document what could happen when somebody reaches 27, but could it not just have been a tad more interesting in most cases - if all life had to offer was that level of boring, then the big guy above should help us all!

By no means to I mean any disrespect to the author's ability, just her subject choice, and I would love to see her really get her teeth into an exciting storyline.

So for me, just 3 stars I'm afraid.

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I was very kindly sent a signed paperback copy by the GoodReads First Read Scheme in return for an honest review, but you can get a copy HERE.  Listed price for paperback is £7.66 and £2.99 for a Kindle file.

Published by Dancing Parrot Press in July 2012
328 pages
Adult Contemporary Fiction

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