Wednesday, 16 May 2012

#228 (#26 of 2012) - A Hellion in Her Bed ~ Sabrina Jeffries

Book 2 - Hellions of Halstead Hall

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Main Characters:

Lord Jarrett Sharpe and Miss Annabel Lake.

Brief outline of plot:

Jarrett's brother has recently fulfilled his part in their Grandmother's ultimatum to disinherit the entire load of them if they don't all marry within the year, and has also it seemed also fallen in love.

Which is something that Jarrett never intends to do after the tragic family accident that left both of his parents dead.

The inveterate gambler is handed an ace card though when his grandmother becomes ill, and he bargains his way out of her ultimatum by agreeing to manage her brewing empire.

However as a gambler he can't resist a wager with the lovely Miss Annabel Lake ... help with her India Brew and ailing family business if she wins, or a night in his bed if she loses.

The outcome sets off a chain of events and he discovers a darker side to her failing family business.  He also discovers more about the death of his parents.

Doe he find a way to help his other siblings still trapped in their grandmother's machinations, and more importantly does he find love?


Very nicely written, again with humour and nicely wrought characters.  The whole plot for the series is working along nicely.  By the way please have Lord Jarrett stripped, oiled and sent to my room .... delicious hero.


I would go along with the 4.5 star rating for this follow on book.



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