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#227 (#25 of 2012) - The Truth About Lord Stoneville - Sabrina Jefferies *NEW AUTHOR

Book 1 - Hellions of Halstead Hall

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Main Characters:

Lord Stoneville (Oliver Sharpe) and Miss Maria Butterfield with supporting roles from the Sharpe family and Maria's Cousin Freddy.

Brief outline of plot:

Having run up against his grandmother's Machavellian plot to ensure all 5 of her scandal ridden hellions' are married within a year or dis-inherited, Lord Stoneville is going about his dissolute life in a favoured brothel, when he becomes entangled with Maria.

Maria is an American heiress who must find he finance to gain her half of her late Father's inheritance, with only the protection of her half-witted cousin Freddy.

Under such circumstances can Oliver find a bride and overcome the tragic loss of his parents when he was a very young man.  Will Maria her missing mate, or mate with somebody entirely different?


It's the first time I have read any of her books and she kicked off the first of this series really well, with an enjoyable story and a touch of humour.  Obviously there are the slight grammatical differences between American English and Queen's English, but they are not too evident in her writing.  Neither are mentions of "blocks", we have streets, roads and lanes and therefore a piece of writing advising " was only a few blocks..." means absolutely nothing in England.  I am being a bit pedantic, but it is slightly off-putting, and therefore lovely to read non of that rubbish from her.


Has to be a 4.5 star rating.



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