Tuesday, 21 February 2012

#214 (#12 of 2012) A Precious Jewel ~ Mary Balogh

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Main Characters:

Miss Priscilla Wentworth and Sir Gerald Stapleton

Rating and Brief Description:

Gentle Born Miss Priscilla is suddenly left alone and penniless and cast upon her cousin for support and protection, who has made it abundantly clear that he sees her more of a servant than a relative to be looked after.  When he also starts to make sexual advances Priscilla decides to seek out her old Governess, who it seems now runs a finishing school in London.

However, when Priscilla gets there she finds that it is not exactly a finishing school, rather a high end whorehouse.  She was given the opportunity to live with Miss Blythe and become her secretary or companion, but takes the enormous and irrevocable step of becoming one of the working girls.

Sir Gerald has no intention of getting married, or even keeping a mistress .... he'd rather visit Miss Blythe's establishment and pay for uncomplicated sex with the no emotional attachment required.

Unfortunately, after his first time with Priscilla he visits more and more often .... eventually deciding that perhaps she would do for a Mistress until he got tired of her .... perhaps for the time of the lease he's taken on the house he provides.

Is it possible to remain that detached, or does the heart always get in the way?

A lovely, and a slightly different story from Mary Balogh, which really merits a 4 star rating.  A nice tearful ending.



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