Tuesday, 7 February 2012

#213 (#11 of 2012) - Faro's Daughter ~ Georgette Heyer

ISBN or e-book:



Arrow Books

Main Characters:

Miss Deborah Grantham and Mr Max Ravenscar

Brief outline of plot and rating:

Max is implored by his Aunt to rescue his young cousin from a thoroughly unsatisfactory passion he has developed for one Miss Deborah Grantham, who runs a Faro table in her Aunt's gaming house.

Max is on an entirely unromantic bent, and as tight as the proberbial duck's bottom, and decides that he would rather ruin her than pay her a groat.

Deborah has a temper, and although she has no intention of marrying the young Lord she is provoked beyond all measure by the high handed Max.

A battle royal begins, but will Max rescue his cousin, and will the protagonists come out heart whole?

After my last disastrous read this was a refreshing 4.5 star rating.


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