Tuesday, 26 April 2011

#109 (#45) - As The Night Ends ~ Audrey Howard

As the Night Ends

ISBN: 0-340-82407-7

I recently had a conversation about the Suffragette Movement with my Daughter a short time ago, and this would be a good book to read to try to understand what those women went through to try and get the vote ... it's also a wholesome good read too.

Brilliant Surgeon, but a loner, Doctor Patrick O'Leary is returning home from St Thomas's Hospital when he gets caught up with a Votes For Women Demonstration in Westminster Yard, and also caught in the snare of a beautiful young girl, Alex Goodwin, as she is arrested and propelled into the back of a Black Maria.

The book follows their story, and ill-fated but certain love, through the WSPU fight, imprisonment, and the First World War.

All in all, not quite such a sparkling read as those I have read previously, but enjoyable nonetheless with a 3.5 **** Star rating.

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