Thursday, 21 April 2011

#108 (#44) - Angel Meadow ~ Audrey Howard

Angel Meadow (Coronet Books)

ISBN: 978-0-340-781810-0

Having read a couple of these now, I think I am fairly safe in saying that you are never going to get a good beginning for her characters, and the road is decidedly rocky along the way to a happy (and sometimes tearful) ending.  A 4.5 ***** star review for this one - finding it very difficult to put down.

The Brody girls, Nancy, Mary and Rose lose their mother when she goes out into the night after a customer who doesn't pay for use of her body.  After a week the young (9 years old Nancy) seeks work in a mill as a Spinner - never mind the fact that she's never worked before let alone attempted anything like that.  Thanks to Annie another Spinner she pulls it off and goes on to save every penny they earn, educate the girls and start her own business.

A chance meeting with Josh Hayes eventually leads her to a happy marriage and safe life for her and Mary .... but what of Rose .... you will have to read it I'm afraid!!



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