Saturday, 12 September 2015

#10 ~ Scribblings of Freya

OU material all arrived, and I've started on both modules. I need to get ahead.

I have been pleasantly about the content of A105, and am looking forward to getting stuck in.  A215 has created a great outpouring of writing.  So far today I've written 672 words, which doesn't include the reflective passages that I've written for each one; I'd estimate over 1,000 word count if they are added in.

The chink in the damn, has caused a deluge of writing ... all of it is quite different.  I am not sure where it's all been, or what the dark corner of my mind my contain, but it's exciting.

Until I'm sure what will be used for TMA or EMA, I can't share, but as soon as things are eliminated or submitted and marked I will do.  Mostly the passages are rough as a badger's bottom, but then that is the point of free writing.  I need to draft them quite a bit.  The idea is to mine ideas, and I'm certainly doing that.

I am very happy.



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