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#400 ~ Kalorama Shakedown

Kalorama Shakedown (The Harry Reese Mysteries, #3)Kalorama Shakedown by Robert Bruce Stewart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harry Reese Mysteries #3

I was very kindly sent a Kindle copy of this book by Robert Stewart in return for an honest Review.

The Novel was so redolent of an old black and white "gum shoe" movie, and it really bought back memories of Saturday afternoon snuggled up watching films based on plots like these when I was a kid. I really think that it would translate to a TV programme so well.

I loved the characterisations, in particular Emmie - her lines of dialogue were precious. The plot went along at a healthy clip too .... on the whole the work was funny, in places actually laugh out loud so ...... a big 4 Stars.

I will definitely be seeking out more in this series, the Harry Reese Mysteries. EDITED TO ADD:  Interestingly, upon updating the Review by Series list, I discovered that there is an Emmie Reese Series, I need some of those!

Product Details

As mentioned above, I was very kindly sent a copy by Bob Stewart in return for an honest review.

You can purchase a copy HERE.  The Kindle file is currently listed at £1.92 and the paperback copy at £5.42, both of which represent fairly decent value for money. 

Published by:              Street Car Mysteries
Number of pages:        274 pages
Genre:                       Fiction, Historical, Crime and Suspense
Reading Age:              Adult (contains no real sexual content)

Errors/Bug Bears

I know that I harp on about it endlessly, but I really hate "gotten", it's lazy so that was my main bug bear on this book.

There were in fact only two other errors, one of which is more punctuation:

Loc 275:  I saw a woman wrapped in furs leave the room where we had stopped.

I think it should be punctuated:   I saw a woman, wrapped in furs, leave the room where we had stopped.

Loc 3692:  Then she place her own bottle on the table.

Correct to:  Then she placed her own bottle on the table.

Happy reading.



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