Sunday, 15 April 2012

#225 (#23 of 2012) - The Ideal Wife ~ Mary Balogh

ISBN or e-book:



Severn House

Main Characters:

Miss Abigail Gardiner and Miles, Earl of Severn

Brief outline of plot:

The Earl told his friend Sir Gerald that if the plainest, dullest, most ordinary of females in all of England was placed in front of him that day he would marry her without further ado to avoid the pressure from his family and their ultimate pinnacle of his happiness, marriage to the beautiful Frances.

The next day, a distant family connection, Miss Abigail Gardiner calls on hm to ask for assistance finding a new position.

Viewing the plain and demure little brown mouse the Earl has a brainwave, and on the spur of the moment he offers her marriage by way of Special Licence 2 days later.

That being her only way out of her difficulty she accepts him.

However, almost from the minute they say "I do" the Earl finds that she is definitely not demure .... will it go horrendously wrong?


This book is a connecting story with A Precious Jewel about Sir Gerald Stapleton and Miss Priscilla Wentworth, and the whole things works in beautifully with it.  Mary Balogh always excels at doing that, and I would urge you to read them together - probably The Ideal Wife first and then A Precious Jewel.


It has to be a 5 star rating for this book.



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