Friday, 24 July 2015

#1 ~ Scribblings of Freya ...

I had a go at the Vanessa Feltz Philological Challenge this week. It's an interesting to generate a prompt for free writing. Unfortunately, I only had time to get it in to the Show's email late yesterday.
The idea is you have 4 'Words of the Day' and have to weave them into a short text. Here's my humble effort:

* * * *

                Isabella ducked laughing though the door of the Mirador to escape the rain. The air was cooler inside she noticed. As she climbed the winding stair treads, her feet seemed to echo out her anticipation.

                 As she gained the terrace at the top the rain pattered out a paradiddle above on the warmed terracotta roof. Standing before her stood a man; he was dark as sin, and twice as delicious. He was framed by the setting sun and magenta blooms heavy with their summer fragrance.

              Just below she could just glimpse frothing sea horses dancing either side of the isthmus in the fiery glow of the day’s and his ship laying silent and quiet now they had delivered the Master home safe.

             Holding out his hand he smiled wolfishly and grabbed her. The force of his eagerness caused her breath to stop for the briefest of moments. A polyphony of musical butterflies took flight in her very core as if joining them both to the music of the beating rain. She felt the heavy lace of Richardo’s jabot against her cheek for a short heartbeat. His smell of sandalwood and citrus set her senses further skittering as he pulled her silken tresses backwards to reveal her heart-shaped faced. He dipped his head and claimed his prize, his love, his life with a searing kiss.

(c) Freya Thorne
24th July 2015
United Kingdom
All Rights Reserved
* * *

I love little challenges like that, because they are quick to do, and fun to work with. I even managed to cram in 'polyphony' which was a word from a previous challenge.

Have a happy day.



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